Featured Testimonials

Inclusive CrossFit is amazing! It offers quality exercises with real crossfit movements that are adapted to my son's ability. The class and his partners help him to have fun, build confidence in his abilities, and work hard! My son really enjoys the partners working alongside him as well as the healthy competition with the other athletes. The exercises are engaging and enjoyable for him. Karen makes the classes both fun and educational! While they are learning different movements, the classmates are also learning about why it's important to move and make healthy choices. I am so grateful to have these classes for my son! He loves the class, and I would highly recommend them!
"We cannot speak more highly about the creative, customized, and, most importantly, super-effective program they designed and implemented for our 28-year-old intellectually and physically disabled son. While Alex is ambulatory, he has never been able to simply sit down on the ground and get back up to standing without major assistance, or even to bend over and touch the ground. We struggled with traditional physical therapy and exercise routines for Alex, including treadmills and weight vests, but this did not nothing for him functionally. However, after a few weeks of working with Karen on functional mobility, Alex shocked us by bending over all the way to the ground and pushing his favorite firetruck, not just once, but many times across a long deck. Bend, reach, push, run, and repeat. All of his own volition with no cues or prodding from us. This nearly brought us to tears: after 28 years, he finally broke through a major barrier and did something he loves to do – simply playing with a truck on the ground. We cannot wait to see what else Alex will be able to accomplish in the coming months. More important for the long term, Karen worked with the staff at Alex’s adult care residence and day habilitation program to integrate this and many other functional physical therapy activities into his day. Since Alex is responsible for laundry at his house, he will carry a heavy bag of clothes up and down stairs as part of his chore. Alex loves to push things, so he will now work on pushing heavy office and supply carts, wheelchairs with his fellow residents, and grocery store carts. All to build strength and truly enhance his functional mobility."
Alex's Parents- Pete and Tess
Karen makes every class engaging for the athletes. They have fun together, follow directions, get an amazing workout and learn some interesting concepts about nutrition, sleep, etc. Karen keeps the mood of the class and exercise level “just right” for each athlete. The athletes love selecting such fun options like bear crawl, butt kickers, high knees or gallop during the warm up.
My son loves coming to the class, learns some valuable skills and has bonded with both Karen and his fellow athletes!
Rebecca C