About AIM Therapy, LLC - Adaptive Inclusive Movement Therapy

  AIM Therapy, LLC, Adaptive Inclusive Movement Therapy is a neuro affirming physical therapy and functional fitness practice that works with kids to adults, all abilities.  AIM Therapy works with individuals with all communication and learning styles. By utilizing functional movement, AIM Therapy customizes your program to help one achieve one’s highest level of functioning and independence, increase quality of life and improve happiness and improve health span.  Each session, AIM Therapy continually raises the bar of excellence for each individual.   As  a physical therapist, CrossFit Level 1 trainer, an Adaptive and Inclusive Fitness Professional, and Autism Fitness Professional, AIM Therapy customizes your physical therapy and functional fitness session.  

One athlete in a purple shirt and blue shorts is high fiving the woman coach. She has on a white and black tie dye shirt with black tights on.

The Staff

We have exceptional staff that are highly trained in their areas of expertise.

Karen Hurley

Physical Therapist, MSPT

Level 1 Autism Fitness Certified Professional

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kids Certified

Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer

Our Values

Two teenage girls doing squats. One does the squat to a box and the other squats to a medicine ball.

AIM Therapy, LLC values:

Accept– accept yourself, accept others and accept what you can and cannot control
Include– we include everyone of all abilities and disabilities
Move– we focus on functional movements

How we operate:

AIM Therapy, LLC welcomes everyone.  AIM Therapy, LLC is non- judgmental and appreciates that everyone is just trying their best!

We celebrate all success no matter how big or small. 
We set up our sessions so that there is errorless learning.
We utilize Universal Design for Learning.
We provide community resources
We use empowering language

Populations Served

Pediatrics, youths and adults with all abilites abilities

Physical challenges and visual impairments- acquired and congenital

Orthopedic issues

Neurological conditions

Individuals with intellectual disabilities

Common Diagnoses include the following:


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Down Syndrome

Prader-Willi syndrome

Social anxiety disorder

Tourette syndrome

Williams syndrome

Brain Injuries


A woman standing on a block with black pans and a light green t-shirt. She is raising a PVC pipe with both arms at head height.

Meet you where you are at!

Tall young man with blue shirt and white helmet performing rope slams with the assist of the physical therapist with a red top on and blue jeans for pants.

I will customize a plan that will take steps to what you want to achieve as well as start with where you are at today.