Specialty Box: Kids CrossFit and Adaptive Classes

Neuro Affirming pediatric physical therapy and all ages physical therapy


What We Offer

Fitness Sessions and Physical Therapy

One to one physical therapy and fitness sessions

Neuro-affirming pediatric and all-ages physical therapy, offering individual and small group fitness sessions tailored for all abilities, communication, and learning styles.

Other Classes

No Experience Necessary!

Kids CrossFit

Kids ages 6-12 years old.  A fun class that increases overall strength, coordination, endurance while learning many traditional CrossFit moves.

ADHD pic

CrossFit for Children and Teens with ADHD/Autism/Anxiety/Processing challenges

A small group class that incorporates deep relative heavy work, core strength exercises, coordination and motor planning into a fun workout.

Inclusive CrossFit Class

A non-competitive class that is open to athletes of all levels, all communication and learning styles.  Class is modeled after the Special Olympics Unified model with peer role models.

Adaptive CrossFit classes

A class for athletes with physical and visual challenges who want to work in a community to perform appropriately accommodated, scaled, and constantly varied, high intensity functional movements.  

Special Olympics Powerlifting Team

Athletes ages 14 and older who qualify to be part of the Special Olympics. Participants can train and or compete in the Summer Special Olympics in one or all of the Powerlifting moves.

Why Work With Us

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Passionate Experienced Staff

Individual programming utilizing functional movements in the gym which translate to real life improvements.

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Classes allow opportunities to foster authentic friendships for athletes and parents. 

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Solution Based

We make exercise successful and fun for all athletes regardless of ability or disability!

 All abilities and all learning and communication styles welcome!

What Our Clients Say About Us

About Us

Neuro Affirming Physical Therapy and Inclusive Fitness Clinic

Karen is an experienced and passionate physical therapist and trainer who has over 20 plus years experience.  Karen loves to work with all abilities, learning and communication styles. Karen has worked with newborns to individuals aged 94 and all have improved their functional mobility levels regardless of their goals.